The new GLYCAM-Web is here!

We in the Woods group are pleased to announce the new GLYCAM-Web!

General enhancements include:

  • Hardware and software are much more stable
  • Cleaner, more organized interface
  • Greatly expanded (and still expanding!) documentation
  • New Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) Builder
  • Email notifications
  • Bug tracking facility
  • Improved visibility of force field information

Enhancements to the Carbohydrate Builder include:

  • Build direction is now from non-reducing end to reducing end
  • Ability to add derivatives, including permethylation
  • improved error checking and prevention
  • Simpler build process for branched structures
  • Simplified Build-Via-URL

Enhancements to the Glycoprotein Builder include:

  • Improved and more flexible PDB file pre-processing
  • Ability to handle greater diveristy of PDB files
  • Ability to add library glycans to O-linking positions
  • Improved glycosylation interface
  • Improved PDB Protein Preprocessing