About the creators of GLYCAM-Web

GLYCAM-Web is produced by the research group of Professor Robert J. Woods in the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the University of Georgia in Athens GA.  It’s purpose is to facilitate quality computer modeling of carbohydrates.  It is funded primarily by the National Institutes of Health.  Click here to view site access statistics.

The table below contains a list of persons involved and the roles they play or have played.  Undergraduate students have also contributed; click here to jump to their table.

NameStatusPrimary Responsibilities
Rob WoodsPrincipal InvestigatorEnsure biochemical relevance and accuracy of utilities and services.
Lachele FoleyPrincipal InvestigatorManage software development. Ensure relevance and accuracy of general scientific and technical content.
Gordon ChalmersProgrammerExpansion of utilities to trajectory analyses, particularly regarding NMR observables.
Alireza KhatamianProgrammerRedesign, refactoring and expansion of GMML.
Spandana MakeneniProgrammerDesign and initial implementation of the automated antibody docking service.
Delaram RahbariniaProgrammerDesign and implementation of GEMS. Redesign and refactoring of GMML.
Arunima SinghProgrammerDesign and initial implementation of the GAG builder.
Xingran XueProgrammerMaintenance and expansion of current website.
David ThiekerProgrammerDesign and implementation of 3D-SNFG.
John BellamyEmeritus DesignerRedesigned legacy site to be more consistent with other UGA pages.
Robert DavisEmeritus ProgrammerEarly design and code for current website. First version of GMML. Initial development of GEMS.
Liren DingEmeritus ProgrammerEarly refactoring and expansion of legacy site code.
Hyun KimEmeritus DesignerDesign of user interface for all aspects of the current website.
Qi LiEmeritus ProgrammerMaintenance and expansion of legacy website capabilities.
Meenakshi (Akila) NagarajanEmeritus ProgrammerWrote earliest version of legacy website.
Sahar VoghooeiEmeritus ProgrammerDocumentation, redesign and refactoring of GMML.
Yiping WangEmeritus ProgrammerMaintenance and expansion of legacy website capabilities.

These are students who contributed to GLYCAM-Web as undergraduates. They were typically interns or got course credit. A few were paid student workers, typically under the Federal Work Study program.

First NameLast NameProject
JacksonArgoSystems Administration
SophiaLeeDocumentation of Website Utilities
BretMillerSystems Administration
AlexSantosInfrastructure for MD Services
JohnathanTatemArchitecture-Level Documentation of GMML
DavisTempletonWordpress Administration, Code Documentation