Legacy Site

For the time being, we are making a nearly identical copy of the legacy site (old GLYCAM-Web) available to the public. We cannot assure you that access will continue, but at least while a significant number of people still use it, we plan to keep it active.  We will maintain an archived copy of the site code for as long as possible, should anyone need to view it.

The only known and notable difference between the actual old site and this copy is that this version uses AMBER 12 to do calculations. The actual old site was limited to AMBER 9 due to its aged hardware. We tried to make this copy identical, but couldn’t get AMBER 9 to compile on its newer hardware, and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to trouble the AMBER developers over that.

Please note:  We will not promise to fix any bugs on the legacy site.  However, we will appreciate your reporting any bugs you find.  Please be sure to choose “Legacy Tools” as the product associated with your bug report.

Click here to view a list of known bugs for the legacy site.

Now that you have been thoroughly warned, click here if you still wish to access the legacy site.

If you want to access the site often, the short url text is old, i.e., http://legacy.glycam.org/old.