QuickStart_Automated Docking

Disclaimer: This help page applies to the web tool that is currently under development on our test site and exists only for internal testing purposes.

Automated Docking

Automated docking tool can be used to predict how a ligand (carbohydrate) binds to the receptor (antibody).

How to use

Step1: Upload an antibody PDB on page 1. (Please note that the PDB file should contain light chain coordinates followed by heavy chain coordinates) and enter your email address (Sometimes, docking jobs take more than a few minutes and if you would like to be notified when the job finishes instead of waiting, please make sure to enter your email address);

Step 2: Choose a carbohydrate to dock using one of the options provided.

Step 3: Set the docking options of your choice

Step 4: Wait for the server to finish, then download the files.

If you are looking for detailed info such as publication details etc please click on the detailed info section